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Sat, 16th Oct 2021

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CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV drain survey unitCCTV drain survey displayFrom small domestic pipes to large diameter main sewers we are able to survey your drains using the latest technology. We have a range of cameras including tractor units that propel themselves through the drains. All of our surveys are in full colour and use self levelling cameras that produce high quality pictures. We are able to establish the condition of a drain, find areas of root penetration and discover any bad joints or structural defects. We produce detailed reports that are accepted by insurance companies and can make as many copies of the video as you require.

Cameras will not produce clear pictures when there is a blockage in the pipe. Consequently our camera units come equipped with jetting facilities capable of clearing blockages and allowing the survey to proceed. We offer a specialist service to homebuyers who wish to know the integrity of the drainage system before they buy.

Our industrial surveys work in conjunction with our lorry combination units to carry out pre-adoptive surveys for national house builders before the new drains become the responsibility of the local water company. In order to do this we use the lorry combination units to thoroughly clean the drains using high pressure water jetting. Once the drains are clean, the industrial camera team carry out the survey to prove that the drains are in good order and free from blockages.

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